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The latest issue of the trade journal FKC aktuell examines various topics that are currently moving the e-learning market. For instance, it deals with how Adobe Animate CC acts in its role as successor of Flash and Edge Animate, looks into what the hype about virtual and augmented reality is all about and examines the role of networks in learning processes.
Read about our e-learning experts' assessments and regularly find out about the latest news about the e-learning market and the technologies behind it all. And because our world does not only revolve around e-learning, we introduce you to a different project close to our heart in every issue of FKC aktuell. The latest issue deals with an alternative housing project in the heart of Munich.
FKC aktuell is published free of charge four times a year in a practical format.

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What is happening in the e-learning market? With FKC aktuell, you are always up-to-date.
Learn more about Adobe Animate CC, virtual und augmented reality, the role of networks in learning processes and many other topics.

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