E-learning consulting

We do not only see ourselves as e-learning producers, but quite naturally also as consultants.

Therefore, we assist you in the analysis of your educacational needs and the existing educational structures as well as the identification of the target group and the existing e-business strategy, amongst other things.

Best support during the roll-out

Fischer, Knoblauch & Co. is on your side during the technical and content conception, the coordination of learning methods, the roll-out and even the evaluation of the e-learning measure. Our goal is to make the further education of your employees easier for you.

Individual content

Custom-fit individual e-learning solutions

We see e-learning and blended learning as an integral part of any integrative training and further education concept. We assist you in every step of the way from consulting and conception, method planning and content creation to the system integration.

Audio productions are carried out in the in-house recording studio. Due to our many years of experience with scoring different multilingual multimedia productions, we can offer our customers a wide range of professional voice-over artists in many different languages.

Multimedial support

We can also realise video productions in-house. Due to our extensive know-how, we are able to produce and edit video footage in common formats.

Accompanying the content creation, we can of course also produce print material such as training documents, flyers, posters, banners, brochures, catalogues, etc. During the production of individual content, we do not only offer you suitable content, but also a variety of production tools: whether with our in-house Nomoweb LCMS or other systems – we will find the right solution for you.


Convincing e-learning systems

You are on the hunt for a system which supports your needs in the best possible way? Or maybe you are looking for an authoring tool which is easy to understand?
FKC is happy to advise and support you during the search for the right e-learning systems for you.

LCMS and LMS in simple terms

Learning Content Management Systeme (LCMS) and Learning Management Systeme (LMS) are widely spread terms in the e-learning industry.
In order for you to know what these two terms mean and understand the difference, we have created a video which explains LCMS and LMS in an easy and illustrative way.

LearnCenter LMS

The LearnCenter LMS is an easy to install, easy to administer and easy to use solution. It contains:

  • Administration of learning content
  • User management
  • SCORM compatibility
  • Dokument management
  • Video library
  • Forum
  • Mail- & chat function
  • Configurable interface
  • Client capability
  • Seminar management
  • Test Configurator
  • Survey Builder
  • Integrated authoring tool
  • Responsive design>
  • Presence seminar administration

We have a variety of models for purchase and rent and offer you what you need.
From our experience, we know what to consider when selecting and operating an LMS, and can assist you in all matters!

Nomoweb LMS

With the Nomoweb LMS, FKC offers you an efficitent learning management system which enables you to carry out electronically-supported training and further education measures within your organisation. Whether user, administrator or author – everyone masters the Nomoweb LMS after a short introduction. The user-friendly interface facilitates the operation even for inexperienced users without lenghty training periods.
The server is a web server with PHP support (for example Apache, Microsoft Internet Information Server) and a MySQL database. The server environment is set up and configurated by Fischer, Knoblauch & Co. upon request. The architecture/programming works in HTML, PHP, MySQL, is module-based and can be adjusted individually upon request.
Our employees are happy to answer any further questions regarding this learning management system.

Nomoweb LCMS

The FKC Nomoweb LCMS is an easy and user-friendly learning content management system. After a short system training, even people with little IT knowledge are able to create WBTs fast and efficiently as well as to maintain the created content.
Thus, the FKC Nomoweb LCMS is suitable for the production of any kind of e-learning programmes. To date, over 800 different learning programmes have been created with it, ranging from technical topics to language-learning software and soft-skill training programmes. The system is open to individual adjustments in accordance with the respective topic, the existing IT structures as well as the desired workflow.

The server is a web server with PHP support (for example Apache, Microsoft Internet Information Server) and a MySQL-databank. The server environment is set up and configurated by Fischer, Knoblauch & Co. upon request. The architecture/programming works in HTML, PHP, MySQL, is module-based and can be adjusted individually upon request.

Our employees are happy to answer any further questions regarding this learning content management system.

eFrontPro LMS

Originally known as an open-source LMS framework, eFront's latest pro version has developed into one of the top learning management systems worldwide. Due to its intuitive operation and fast configuration, eFrontPro is an easy-to-use LMS for admins and learners alike. Additionally, the LMS offers options for individual development and is therefore fully customisable. Some features at a glance:

  • Easy operation and configuration
  • Individual development
  • Integrated authoring tool for the creation of exercises (multiple choice, single choice, etc.)
  • Mobile learning and interfaces to other systems
  • Choice between cloud solution or self-hosting

Apart from a cloud solution, eFrontPro offers the possibility of hosting on your own server. Therfore, even strict data protection guidelines are guaranteed. Would you like to learn more about eFrontPro? Then please don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to inform you about further application purposes.


Would you like to create your own content fast and efficiently? We won't leave you alone with this tool – unless you want us to.

Articulate is the global market leader for rapid e-learning solutions. Thousands of customers from business, public authorities and research in over 50 countries use the powerful and intuitive technologies to learn fast and effectively over long distances. Even non-technical users can create professional, interactive e-learning courses fast, easily and cost-effectively. Articulate ensures a smooth and intuitive workflow which has been developed from scratch by e-learning experts.

Ariculate Studio '13 combines these strong authoring tools in one single package. The user gets everything he or she needs to create spectacular interactive presentations, quizzes and surveys fast and easily using PowerPoint – all at an affordable price.

To create the best-possible learning experience with Articulate Storyline 2, you can generate almost any interaction, capture your on-screen activity and create simulations within minutes. Thanks to HTML5 support, your results are mobile-compatible and can be used on any tablet.

We are happy to advise you which tool would be best-suited for your needs. Due to our many years of production experience with the different tools, we are very familiar with the specific requirements and processes. We can also train your employees in the use of the production tool "Articulate".

Our employees are happy to answer any further questions.

Mobile learning

Mobile learning? Sure thing!

The development of e-learning programmes for the application on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablet PCs are part of the range of services Fischer, Knoblauch & Co. offers.

Mobile devices on the fast lane

Whether iOS, Android, Blackberry: we will find the right mobile solution for you. The high flexibility that using mobile devices offers in the daily work routine opens up new opportunities for successful training: whether in the form of apps, iBooks, learning games or podcasts – the possibilities for training and furtcher education have increased extremely fast thanks to the rapid spread of mobile devices.

Our experienced concept developers are happy to advise you which functions would be best-suited for your mobile solution, which haptics would be ideal, and which didactic and graphic requirements need to be met by the mobile production. Technologically, we can offer you these developments flash-based as well as platform-independent with HTML5 and can thus support various devices and distribution channels.

Dori – information “to go”

The advantage: The web application is designed for smartphones and offers the comfort of diving into various topics at all time. Whether you are lying down, sitting or standing, simply anywhere and anytime.

The great thing: All information is delivered in chat format, so the generation that is used to conversing via WhatsApp, Instagram and Snapchat finds it familiar, as though they are talking to friends or family. It is important that the knowledge transfer is fun and this applies to everyone who gets in contact with our cute and charming blue bird.

Absolutely different to a usual learning application, Dori convinces the user by using a social and entertainment factor based on the concept, look and feel of a usual chat. Technical terms and formality – no way! Dori uses a fresh and colloquial language. At the same time, the content is lightened using emoticons and moving pictures. This results in a gamified and amusing knowledge transfer – just what the learner expects nowadays.

At FKC we have made it our mission to rethink learning and reduce the pressure and stress of how knowledge is transferred. Learning is supposed to be fun and Dori doubles the fun!

The application possibilities are as varied as the content that can be transferred. Due to its entertaining character and intuitive usability, it perfectly complements e-learning, blended-learning approaches or can be used as a stand-alone information tool.

We look forward to talking to you about the possibilities on how to use Dori in your company.


EasyTeach films

Our EasyTeach films make the world at least a little bit more comprehensible. Using a combination of illustrations, texts and sound effects, we explain complex topics, complicated processes and tricky content. Whether in classic black and white, detailed in colour or in combination with "real" photos – there are no limits to the graphic design. Exciting animations and a well thought-out story complete the concept and lead to the best-possible learning success. With our EasyTeach films, almost anything can be explained in a clear and easy way – from the company philosophy to specific product properties and internal procedures. Please click on the video to find out how things are done at FKC.

Standard content

Standards on the highest level

FKC's high-quality standard e-learning programmes offer you the opportunity to train your employees efficiently and cost-effectively straight away: we have created different standard e-learning programmes on topic areas such as MS Office, soft skills, business studies or management.
We offer you our standard WBTs either as Software as a Service (SaaS) or as an integration into your LMS.
We are happy to advise you on the integration options open to you.

Kickstart your MS Office experience

MS Office can make daily tasks in the office easier, but only if you are very familiar with all the applications – not exactly easy, considering how many different tools there are.

That's why FKC has created several standard e-learning programmes dealing with MS Office and Windows 7.

The series of courses on MS Office 2010 and the Windows 7 package are structured in a way that ensures that the learner finds his or her way intuitively and doesn't need any prior knowledge for working with them.
Every training course is divided into two to three courses which are built on one another. Every course is divided into several lessons which can be selected individually so that the learner has the option of repeating or looking up a lesson any time.
The lessons always consist of an explanation part which explains the function step by step using illustrative software demonstrations and a practice part in which the newly acquired skills can be used directly within the Office application. For the completion of both parts of every lesson, you only need about 30 minutes.

We can offer you an optional evaluative test at the beginning of a course. Thus, every employee has the opportunity to test his or her level of knowledge and can therefore concentrate on the lessons relevant to him/her.

All of our standard e-learning programmes are fully sound-equipped and available in English, German, French and Slovakian. All explaining texts can be found and read on-screen. The audio text can thus be turned off if necessary.
We also offer switcher packages in our portfolio, don't hesitate to ask us about them.

Teaching management topics successfully

We offer a lot of high-quality standard products dealing with the management topics. We can offer you WBTs on the following topics:

  • Business studies - basics
  • Cost controlling
  • Market and competitor analysis
  • Project management
  • Quality management

During the creation, we took special care so we would be able to provide you with the best-possible quality regarding didactics, content and graphics. Depending on the respective subject scope, the time needed to work through the WBTs ranges from 45 to 240 minutes.
Every training course consists of several lessons which convey the training content in a short and illustrative way. The training courses have a high level of interaction pages and in some cases an obligatory final test. All chapters are fully narrated and by selecting the audio-off mode, the voice-over text can be read correspondingly.

Web presence

Website development with FKC

Would you like to leave a professional online impression in future? We are happy to create a creative website for you which will impress your customers.
We will create a website which is tailor-made for your company and which will convince your customers due to its professionalism and creativity. You will profit from our 20 years of experience in media design and our technical expertise in website development.

We can choose from a range of content management systems for the website design, depending on which system is best-suited to your needs and requirements.
We will take care of the layout development and implementation for you and if desired the entire hosting, too.

Reference customers

We have already created websites for several renowned companies. Below you can find a small selection of reference customers:

Munich: +49 89 958434-0
Frankfurt: +49 6172 68096-0
Basel: +41 61 27344-66