Your guarantee for targeted E-Learning.

Strategic consulting

Close to the customer - We advise you in choosing the right E-learning format for your needs -depending on the topic, target group and technical requirements.

Complete - We advise you on didacticand technical concepts as well as the realization and implementation oflearning measures of all kinds - with a sensible use of technology.

Innovative - The didactically viableintegration of new technologies along with the implementation of learning conceptspose a great challenge - we will support you.

Competent - Based on years ofexperience, we can design, produce and implement every E-learning program exactlyaccording to your individual objectives.

You will be
comprehensively advised and cared for.

Learning content, company structures, target groups - everything needs to be carefullyconsidered and adapted to the customer’s needs. Together we will clarify:
• Which interactive learning units are best suited for your target group
• At what point and to what extent does the introduction of E-learning make sense
• And which individual strategy works best for your E-learning project. Persuasive communication Get your employees onboard early, convey the meaning and purpose of the newlearning formats and increase motivation. Far-reaching change.


Get your employees onboard early, convey the meaning and purpose of the newlearning formats and increase motivation.

Far-reaching change

Changes to the learning processes of your employees and managers can be seamlessly integrated into daily working processes.

Promotes qualification

Targetgroup-specific learning formats can reach all employees and convey knowledge in an entertaining and sustainable manner.


Yearsof experience show that every E-learning program has individual objectives.Accordingly, the production and introduction of E-learning programs must fityour company. As a great deal has to be considered in this context, awell-founded consulting workshop with FKC is an ideal start. It provides youwith the certainty that you have not overlooked any details during yourconsiderations.


Do you know your employees and what motivates them to learn? What is the level oftheir knowledge, and where is there a greater or lesser need for explanation inyour learning offer? An exact target group analysis by FKC helps you tooptimally coordinate their learning needs, and to produce E-learning units thatare actually used in practice. A positive additional effect: Your employeesfeel that their needs have been taken into account, and the acceptance andsustainability of your E-learning program
increases as a result.


Do you want to create an E-learning program but do not know where to start interms of content? No wonder, as dubious providers use incomprehensibletechnical jargon in order to sell you all manner of things at a high price dueto a lack of an overview and precisely formulated requirements. Arm yourselfwith the necessary knowledge you need. It is advisable to attend our webinarsor individual training courses, such as "E-learning for beginners","Basic knowledge of media didactics", or "First steps for theintroduction of E-learning into your company". With training courses fromFKC that are focused on E-learning and their related didactical concepts, termssuch as LMS, WBT, Blended Learning or Serious Games are easily accessible.

Which individual E-learning suits
your company best?

We look forward to hearing from you.

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